I’m a research associate and instructor in the field of Water Resources Engineering in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at NCSU . I received my Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from NCSU in 2017 working with Prof. Sankar Arumugam. My Ph.D. research was mainly focused on realizing improvement potential for developing reliable seasonal to sub-seasonal streamflow forecasts, assessing Data Assimilation (DA) algorithms in enhancing the accuracy of hydrologic models, and analyzing statistical downscaling methods in generating probabilistic streamflow forecasts from Global Climate Models (GCM) climate forecasts. Meantime, I collaborated with the NC State Climate Office on a project titled as “Integrated Drought Management Portal for the State of NC” while we developed an automatic forecasting online water portal specifically designed for water supply managers and decision makers at municipal, state, basin, and ecosystem scales.

In general, my research interests include:

  1. Operational hydrologic forecasting
  2. Geospatial Data Analyses
  3. Remote Sensing Applications in Hydrology and Hydro-climatology,
  4. Uncertainty Quantification,
  5. Hydrological Data Assimilation,
  6. Spatial/Temporal Downscaling methods.